2013 International Conference
OSLNZ belongs to a world-wide Order which is represented in a number of countries in the world, each country being independent but in fellowship with the others.

OSL Websites
The Australian Order of St Luke the Physician was originally known as The Australasian Order which included New Zealand until the 1972 New Zealand Conference when New Zealand achieved autonomy.
United States
The United States Order is known as The International Order of St Luke the Physician and this is where the Order was founded by The Rev John Gayner Banks and his wife Ethel.

The Canadian Order website has a fresh look about it. You can read their newsletter The Canadian Healer on line at no charge and it is very interesting.

United Kingdom The United Kingdom Order covers the area of England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland.
The Netherlands Order website, unfortunately for those who are not multilingual, is in the Dutch language.

Sixth International Order of St Luke
Healing Conference

14-17 June 2016
For more information see Website
If interested please contact Derek Lightbourne
Other Links
Wholeness A four page Newspaper published in New Zealand by the Wholeness Charitable Trust Board, operating in association with The Order of St Luke. You are invited to spend a while on their website and read some of the articles on God's love and grace as demonstrated through His divine healing.
Healing Homes
Titoki Healing Centre Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, exists to offer people opportunities to experience wholeness, enrichment and transformation of life through Jesus Christ.
Manna Healing Centre Taranaki, a non-profit Christian Trust dedicated to facilitating restoration, healing of body and mind, and refreshment of spirit.
Te Waiora House Canterbury, provides a peaceful and quiet place where people may come (from whatever religion, denomination or occupation), away from the stress and strain of daily life, to rest and to seek physical, emotional and spiritual renewal.